Thank You!


We have made our fundraising target!

Nearly £40,000 is going directly to Cure Parkinsons Trust to help in their essential work towards treatment and eventually a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

To see the news on our Virgin Giving website that we had reached the target as we boarded our flight to Vietnam gave us huge encouragement and spurred us on for our challenge.

We can’t say enough of a “thank you” to all our families, friends, colleagues and also to the many people who donated anonymously. Also to all those who supported our numerous fundraising events over the past few months

Please remember that all the money raised goes directly to The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. The Cyclopaths have each funded all the costs of the trip and all associated costs themselves. We know of more donations that are coming our way and our Just Giving page will remain open for the next three months so it is STILL NOT TOO LATE TO DONATE!