Jim Pascoe-Watson

I am not a cyclist. I never had any aspirations to become a “MAMIL”. But look at me now… Clad in lycra I can be found pedalling (slowly) around the Cotswolds trying to get fit enough to join this group.

I have been inspired to participate in this amazing adventure by the great work being done by The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. The courage and positivity shown by my friend Alison and numerous patients of mine over the years on being diagnosed with PD is extraordinary and humbling and I would like to contribute to the fundraising efforts currently underway to find more effective treatments and a cure for this chronic and debilitating disease.

Four patients, in particular, have touched me over the past two years:
Two who cope remarkably well with their symptoms with amazing fortitude and two who have sadly passed away within the past few months. It is in their memory and equally importantly as a tribute to their loved ones who are under such immense stress as carers and are the unsung heroes who enable people with PD to stay at home and live fulfilling lives, that I am proud to ride with The Cyclopaths and raise as much money as possible for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

Dr Jim Pascoe-Watson